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General architecture

The LionEngine is designed as a multi-module library. The goal is to select only the required part of the engine for a project. Module organization is clear enough, as they only focus on what they are designed for.

Here the different modules, hierarchically ordered:

LionEngine Modules

Each module contains a set of tools:

Choose only one target, lionengine-core-awt, lionengine-core-swt or lionengine-core-android

LionEngine Targets

Can I mix the third party modules in my project ?

The answer is yes of course. You can combine these modules as you wish.

For example, to create a multiplayer strategy game with Sc68 music support, you will need:

  • lionengine-core
  • lionengine-network
  • lionengine-audio-sc68
  • lionengine-game

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