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The level editor base is provided by the lionengine-editor module, giving a standalone editor application, which can also be extended for more specifics needs.

In this section we will see how to use the main editor tools, and the way of extending them.

It is built with Eclipse RCP 4, as a plug-in, so it is recommended to understand first how is working Eclipse RCP before trying to extends the editor.

Standard Base

The default editor will show the following content:

Editor Base

Short overview of the different area:

Here an example of the standard editor by using the Mario tutorial as project:

Import the project:

Import Project

Import a map from a level rip:

Editor Example


The editor supports extension point system and can be customized in many way. Here a customization example of the editor with Lionheart Remake Editor:


There is the following extensions in this example:

Available extensions:

Global UML architecture:


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