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Base tools


Base tools are provided by the lionengine-game module, giving a balanced game type development with standard classes and architecture. It is also the main dependency of any other game specialized module.

In this section we will see how to use these main tools, and the way of we should use them.

Primary objects

Primary objects where designed to be your game socle, allowing to count on a solid base.

Factory & handler

The Factory

The Factory allows to create typed ObjectGame using a generic way.

The Handler

The Handler allows to handle many objects, in order to update and render them. It is possible to add and remove objects while using the handler. Changes will be performed at the end of the handler update.

World container

The WorldGame is used as the main game container, rather than the Sequence, as it supports save and load features. The main goal of a world is to handle the game logic update and render order. With such a class, the Sequence is only used to load a WorldGame, update and render it, nothing more.

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